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Black Bubble Mailers

Black Poly Bubble Mailers: Simply put, the best solution for eCommerce fulfillment.

Waterproof and tamper proof; impact, tear and puncture resistant; lightweight and low cost; these white shipping bags are everything you ever wanted in a padded mailing envelope.  MADE IN USA, our poly bubble mailers are engineered to protect your parcels until they reach their destiny rain or shine.  Everything you need for a successful fulfillment experience.

  • PROTECTION: The superior burst strength of our bubbles deliver better cushioning and impact protection to your parcels, avoiding costly transit damage and unwanted returns.
  • SECURITY: The strong co-extruded outer poly film is waterproof, puncture and tear resistant, providing extreme toughness to your packaging.
  • TAMPER-EVIDENT: The convenient peel and seal self-adhesive strip creates a destructive bond, making your parcel’s closure completely tamper evident.
  • CONVENIENCE: The high slip inner layer allows for easy product insertion and extraction.
  • PRIVACY: The black outer multi-layer film is completely opaque for absolute parcel privacy.
  • VALUE: Poly bubble mailers offer the best value proposition for impact protection low cost shipping.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE.
000 4.00 8.00 250
00 5.00 10.00 250
0w 6.5 10.00 250
1 7.25 12.00 100
2 8.50 12.00 100
5 10.5 16.00 100
6 12.50 19.00 50

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