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Heavy Duty Bubble Rolls

Conceived for the packaging of heavy items, Holpack Heavy Duty Bubble Rolls is three times stronger than our regular bubble rolls yet flexible enough to wrap around any product. Engineered for the strongest bubble burst resistance and longer air retention, Holpack Heavy Duty Bubble Rolls provides extreme shock absorption for reliable impact protection.

  • Strongest burst resistance and longer air retention offer reliable shock absorption.
  • Easy to use, reuse and recycle.
  • Clear for easy product identification.
  • Lighter than any comparable alternative.
  • Adaptable to product shape allows for void filling without extra DIM weight.
  • Custom lengths and slits available.
  • MADE IN USA from US sourced raw materials.


Large Bubble (1/2”)


1 X 48”

2 x 24”

4 x 12”

Custom slits


Custom roll and tear-off lengths are available to suit customer’s needs

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