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Kraft Backed Bubble Rolls

Specially engineered for the moving industry, Holpack Kraft Backed Bubble combines the flexibility and air cushioning power of Holpack Bubble with the tough protection of a kraft layer to guard against scratches, dents, and scuffs of delicate surfaces. Laminating the kraft to the bubble caps strengthens the bubble burst resistance while creating a flat product on both sides to avoid bubble imprinting or ghosting on surfaces.

The Kraft layer acts as humidity buffer, absorbing moisture when the weather is humid and releasing it when the environment dries, helping keep its contents fresh and free from musty odors when stored for long periods of time.

  • Added strength for surface protection from scratches, dings, and scuffs.
  • Added privacy while providing an easily writable surface for convenient labeling.
  • Kraft absorbs moisture and condensation to help keep contents dry.
  • Flat layers will not imprint bubble marks on delicate furniture surfaces.
  • Suitable to protect wooden floors.
  • Lightweight alternative to heavier, bulkier packing materials
  • MADE IN USA from US sourced raw materials


Small Bubble (3/16”)

Custom orders available in

Large Bubble (1/2”)

Medium Bubble (5/16”)

Extra Small Bubble (1/8”)


1 X 48”

2 x 24”

4 x 12”

Custom slits


Custom roll and tear-off lengths are available to suit customer’s needs.

Perforations are not available

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