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Thermal Bubble Box Liners

Holpack Thermal Bubble Box Liners are engineered with a metallized outer layer that reflects radiant heat to create a cool shield. Lightweight, waterproof, and self-sealing, these padded mailers work best when combined with a cold source such as ice or gel packs to maintain stable temperatures while in transit. Its flat bottom conveniently fits inside a carton for easy filling. Perfect for overnight shipping of perishable foods, pharmaceuticals and any other items requiring consistent temperatures.

  • SECURITY: Tear and puncture resistant outer metallized layer is waterproof and completely opaque for privacy. Strong self-seal strip and seamless bottom for added security.
  • PROTECTION: Superior burst resistance bubble wraps your contents for maximum impact protection, preventing damage during transit. Metallized outer layer reflects radiant heat, insulating its contents and maintaining consistent inner temperatures.
  • CONVENIENCE: High-slip inner layer allows for easy product insertion and extraction. Easy Peel and Seal self-closing strip.
  • ECONOMY: Lightweight for reduced postage and low-cost shipping. Less bulk than mass insulation alternatives.
  • MADE IN USA from US sourced raw materials.

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