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Thermal Bubble Rolls

Thermal rolls engineered for cold chain packaging, Holpack Thermal Bubble creates a cool shield by reflecting the radiant heat trying to penetrate the metallized film barrier, while its resistant burst bubble provides the necessary air gap for better insulation and added impact protection. This combination helps keep contents fresher for longer periods of time.

  • Radiant barrier reflects heat to provide thermal insulation.
  • Lower shipping costs than using bulkier mass insulation packing materials.
  • Polyethylene interior keeps food safe from contaminants and moisture.
  • Flexible enough to adapt to product shape and size.
  • Metallized layer provides privacy.
  • Available with radiant barrier on one or both sides.
  • MADE IN USA from US sourced raw materials.


Small Bubble (3/16”)

Custom orders available in

Large Bubble (1/2”)

Medium Bubble (5/16”)

Extra Small Bubble (1/8”)


1 X 48”

2 x 24”

4 x 12”

Custom slits


Custom roll and tear-off lengths are available to suit customer’s needs.

Perforations are not available

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